I Heart Lanterns!


Hmmm, has it really been since Wednesday when I was here last?! Good grief! Well, my apologies — I have been on the road this past week, delivering the newest copies of Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine to a few more communities across Wyoming. But I’m EXCITED to be BACK, because I ADORE finding new material for this blog!!!

All right, we have a new wedding profile coming from Lander…beyond AWESOME photos, and I’m thrilled to share them with you…but here’s a sneak peek that I just couldn’t keep under wraps:  they used LANTERNS for their aisle pieces! I LOVE lanterns — talk about a super versatile and easy way to decorate — and — you can keep them afterward to jazz up your new home! (Or, give them as gifts to your wedding party, assistants, or special guests!)

Check out how Brendon & Shannon combined lanterns and flowers for their aisle pieces…all images are courtesy Kate Noelle Photography, a beautiful photographer out of California who was thrilled to capture these images in Wyoming — Visit her online at

Are these not beyond delish?! J’adore ces! We typically think of candles in lanterns, which you can easily do — but also think of flowers, perhaps sea shells, chunks of colorful glass, even ribbon! (Oooh yet ANOTHER use of ribbon! If you haven’t seen our ribbon blog post, be sure to visit it for sources of ribbon inspiration!)  Visit our ribbon blog post:

Think double-duty on ideas like this too…use lanterns like these shown above during your outdoor ceremony, then take the posts and all to the reception and stick them in the ground outside your tent — swap the flowers for some candles and voila! Instant ambience! Now, if your reception facility has a rule against candles (especially in late summer when we can have fire hazards in Wyoming), think about those new battery-operated, flamless candles…many come in variable sizes! LED lights might be another flame-less option!

ADDED NOTE:  If you read this already but are checking back, we discovered another fun way to incorporate lanterns into your ceremony: with a cushy bed of moss, lay your rings (or the faux rings you’d typically put on a ring pillow) and give it to your ring bearer to carry! AWESOME idea — FUN twist on the ring pillow idea!

Til Next Time…Keep thinking of those ways to expand both your budget and your design savvy…I Heart Lanterns! What a brilliant idea!

Kati Hime, Editor





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