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Creative Centerpieces Part Deux — OH HOW I LOVE THEM! — by Sarah Merrill


Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne is back with another awesome blog! Check out these SUPER FUN centerpiece ideas…I just adore her awesome ideas…Photography is provided by Sarah Merrill.

Just to catch you up, my last blog post was about your centerpieces – more specifically – how to save money on your centerpieces. If the three ideas I presented a couple weeks ago weren’t enough, don’t fret, because this week’s blog is a continuation!

We will kick this blog off with a look that is fresh, earth friendly and economical – Wheat Grass! You may have seen this stuff before at your local juice bar where it is juiced and then drank like a shot of whiskey (only stronger). What makes this an awesome centerpiece? Here are just a few of the reasons: it brings the outdoor feeling inside your venue, it’s vibrant, it can be cut to fit almost any container, and because it’s low, it will not block your guest’s view. Then just add a few Orchid blooms, or have your florist “plant” a few water tubes containing a single Gerbera Daisy each to complete the look.

Potted plants make beautiful centerpieces and are less expensive than cut flowers because your florist will not have to spend time arranging them. Your options are seemingly endless when choosing potted plants or flowers for your centerpieces. Two things to keep in mind are the season and formality of your event. Bulb flowers like Hyacinths and Tulips are colorful and can be displayed in a variety of containers such as a clear vase with the bulb and roots showing as pictured below, enamel cookware, or even a lined wicker basket. These spring blooms would be perfect at an informal brunch wedding, or at a laid back evening reception. If your wedding has a more formal feel, try using Orchids in an elegant glass or silver container.

Flowers grouped together “en masse” are wonderful for showcasing the specific shade and texture of an individual flower. Take Carnations for example. These flowers, when arranged tightly together in an interesting footed bowl, go from ordinary to exquisite and have the versatility to go from a ranch house reception to a grand ballroom just by switching out that quaint footed bowl for a tall, slender vase or pedestal dripping with crystals. Hydrangeas are also an ideal flower for an en masse style centerpiece because their florets are already arranged into a gentle cloud-like group. An arrangement of just three stems in a mason jar or simple vase is a sweet centerpiece that your guests are sure to admire. Babies Breath is a simple little white bloom that was once thought of as strictly a filler flower, but now it’s been given new life and stands alone beautifully. It’s fluttery little blossoms are reminiscent of snow flakes, which makes these perfect for a winter wedding. Group together 3 milk glass vases filled with Babies Breath and tie them together with tiny garlands of White Hyacinth Blooms to really make an impact. Think of it as bringing the snow inside!

Thanks for reading! Next week I’ll be giving my top five suggestions that apply to every wedding – including yours! Until then, you are warmly invited to visit me on Facebook @!/pages/SuiteBlooms/272721623120. You are also welcome to send me your floral and décor questions – your question and my answer could appear right here!

Thanks Sarah! I look forward to Sarah’s next blog — she has such fabulous ideas!

‘Til Next Time…I’m loving those Carnations…I never thought of them arranged like that!

Kati Hime, Editor



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