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Thanks to Jessica Romero of Sweets Cakes & Pastry in Laramie for this advice-packed guide on how to pick your perfect wedding cake — or maybe *dessert* is the best word…keep reading! Pics are from Sweets Cakes & Pastry and Liz’s Cakes, both of Laramie!

Planning your perfect wedding cake — tips to keep in mind when you’re making your choices:


#1 — Be inspired!

Don’t be limited by photos of cakes. Look at your wedding décor: flowers, venue, your dress, etc. What do you like? The colors? The structure? Vintage, modern, traditional, unique?

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#2 — Have a budget in mind!

Simply put: cakes are expensive. A wedding cake can take well over 20 hours to prepare. Keep this in mind when picking your design. Fondant and sugar work requires specific tools and skills. You’d be surprised by what aspects of a cake are the most time consuming – often the smaller pieces that are overlooked.  Good rule of thumb:  more intricate – more money.  So speak with your cake designer about cutting costs — some ideas:  use real flowers instead of sugar flowers; pick an ornate topper, etc.  

If you have a number you are willing to spend, your designer can work with you to get you a cake you love.

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#3 — Be flexible!

You may have an idea in your mind that is not ideal. For example:  a 4 ft tall, chocolate covered cake in August is not a good idea. If your designer tells you this is asking for a disaster, trust them. Work with them to find the best cake for your event. They probably know some things you didn’t think about.

If you don’t mesh with what they are comfortable designing, find someone who shares your vision. Cake design is an art and everyone has their own style. Most designers would much rather send you to another business than create a cake they aren’t comfortable doing.

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creations

#4 — Get creative!

You don’t like cake? No big deal. Many brides are turning to dessert tables, cookie bars, pies, cake pops, cupcakes, and more. Above all — don’t be limited by tradition. Plan for the dessert that fits you!

Check out these pics of cake pops from Liz’s Cakes in Laramie – what a fun twist!

Liz’s Cakes, Laramie creation

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#5 — Think about your cake table!

Do you have a cake stand? A cake cutter? Forks? Linens? There are lots of personal designs available on etsy, and elsewhere online. Check out this idea on Etsy! Be sure to display your beautiful cake in a beautiful way!

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#6 — Don’t wait until the last minute!

Cakes should be booked months in advanced. Many designers book weddings a year before. If you picked a popular wedding date make sure to get a hold of your designer early.

Thanks again to Sweets Cakes & Pastry in Laramie for this informative tip-filled guide to picking your wedding cake!




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