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I say ‘A Case for Black’ because I am the one that needs convincing when it comes to black for a wedding. I know, black & white, it’s gorgeous, and I totally agree — and I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL weddings with black as the predominant shade. I’m just a color girl! I like bright splashes and lots of hues. I apologize. So in all fairness, I’m finding some awesome things that are done with black as my own convincing argument that black is beautiful — and can be paired with colors too for those like me!

A few bits of inspiration…










I have been to many a red/black/white wedding, and I do have to admit — they are timelessly elegant.  Just like a red rose…these colors just scream romance and that bit of elegance factor. Classic.














Black & White…classic as well.  Elegant. Timeless. Would be beautiful with candlelight or soft, twinkling white lights, in my opinion…

Black & Grey. Also two classic choices. Allows your color to come in pops such as the flowers or the food…since, after all, it’s kinda difficult (and unappetizing) to serve grey food…LOL…














All right, now to the colors! Sorry, I just can’t help myself. 🙂 Yup, it’s Halloweeny — and if you have an inner Morticia Adams that wants to celebrate, I say go for it! Black & Orange…can be to celebrate Halloween, or perhaps in punches like the flowers and decorations, and paired with white to tone down the holiday connection.  Very versatile!











Now here is a little derivation from orange — mustard. Great for fall or an elegant event. Warm and rich, and easily paired with red or green or just about any color in small doses…

Black & Purple! Purple is traditionally a color of royalty. Think rich, elegant events — maybe throw some white lights in to keep the heaviness lifted slightly. Silver would be another great bling factor to jazz up this jewel toned combo!
















Purple’s half-sibling, pink — they do share red as a parent, you know!  Pink is like purple’s punky sister. Fun and funky in neon shades, sweet and delicate in pastels…can fit in darn near any situation. Black is kinda like the doting father that loves both his girls equally…okay, that was hokey.















Last one — BLUE! Blue was described in a recent article that I read to be a classic neutral. Really? You bet, they said — think of blue jeans. Everything goes with them. An interesting argument! And in the case of black, you could go turquoise to navy — although I’m still leery of navy + black — I think it was my mother’s constant reminders of “Don’t pair navy and black!” that are ringing in my ears…

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‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Edior


OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Lifestyle Magazien — Sprinter 2012 is making its way across the state! Wyovore —  WYO XY —

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