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You’re shopping for your dress…and it’s a little daunting! What should you know before you walk into that bridal shop for the first time? Who do you take with you? How long should you plan for a shopping session? Should you make an appointment? It can leave you feeling stressed out just thinking about it!

Here is a little advice from Mountain Valley Bridal in Laramie… A few helpful tips and suggestions to help you feel prepared for that first step into the bridal shop!

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WW: What terms should brides know when going in to the bridal shop for the first time?

MVB: When brides are shopping for a wedding gown they are going to be introduced to a lot of new terms for fabrics, gown shapes, and embellishments. Most brides will search on the internet for that special gown before they go into a bridal shop. When the bride does this it will help them out with the terms they need to know that apply to what they are most interested in. We are here to help the bride with terms and find exactly what they like.

WW:  What information should brides know ahead of their first visit to a bridal shop?

MVB: I think that the brides must have a wedding date and time before going to shop for a wedding gown. I also think that they need to think about how they want to look and feel that day so they know what kind of look they are shopping for. Also look online get to know some of the designers that you have locally so you know what is available. Print some pictures off that you can take into your first appointment. Also, determine a gown budget.

WW:  Should brides come in knowing exactly which dress they want?

MVB: It is good to have clippings of wedding gowns that they like, however coming in with an open mind is key. We strongly encourage our brides to try on as many styles as they can so they know what they like and look best in.

WW:  Who do you recommend should join the bride on her shopping trips?

MVB: I do not feel like they should bring the groom into shop with them, however everyone is different and has different opinions. I do think that when the groom comes in with the bride, the bride is more interested in getting a dress that suits him and make him happy rather than herself.

WW:  How much time should a bride plan to spend on her first shopping trip?

MVB: It depends on the bride as to how much time should be spent.  Some brides need more time than others and we encourage them to take all the time they need.  I would say at least 1 to 2 hour sessions per visit to a bridal shop. You do not need to make a decision right away, and it is a big decision, so we want them to take their time so that they are 100% happy with their decision.

WW:  Should a bride schedule her visit to a bridal shop?

MVB: Yes, you should schedule an appointment for a wedding dress. If the bride schedules an appointment then we have more time and attention to give to the bride.

Thanks Mountain Valley Bridal for the interview!  Stay tuned for more bridal shopping advice from Mountain Valley Bridal via this blog!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Up the Great Work! The Big Day will be Perfect!

Kati Hime, Editor




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