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Ten years ago, my husband and I picked cobalt blue as one of the colors for our wedding…and I’m so excited to see that that color is popular again!  So I did a little thinking on cobalt blue… Cobalt blue is a very strong and powerful color. It is rich in color and it’ll dominate the scene. So think of how you want to use it, and find elements where bold splashes of cobalt can really add drama to a scene…

I adore this picture! This is a fun idea for a way to use cobalt.  Bags of glass pieces, marbles, etc. can be found in almost every color imaginable — including cobalt!  Scatter these pieces along your dining tables, your buffet table, your cake or guest book table… Give the tables a bold splash of color! (And the best part — when the wedding is done, you can keep those pieces and put them in the bottom of a clear vase to decorate your new home!)

Check out this montage from! These dresses are gorgeous — rich in color — AND completely usable outside of a wedding! A great thing about cobalt:  it doesn’t wash out pale skin, and it complements sun-kissed complexions beautifully.  And it’ll pair with any metal easily when it comes to accessories!

Now the question about bold colors like cobalt is…what to pair with them? What color compliments cobalt?

When we were married, we paired the color with a creamy yellow and white.  When we put our swatches together, we noticed something — WE RAN THE RISK OF LOOKING LIKE A BOY SCOUT CONVENTION. 🙂  So we had to be careful — yellow can be a very powerful color in its own sense, and pairing two powerful colors can be overwhelming to the eye. To combat this, we gave each color dominance in different arenas of our event:  yellow was the dominant color in our ceremony, from creamy yellow bridesmaid dresses to the yellow roses in our bouquets and altar arrangements.  Blue was the player in our reception:  we had hundreds of yards of sparkly cobalt blue tulle that we wrapped around white pillars with white Christmas lights woven in.  We used cobalt accents on our tables and left the yellow out.  It created an elegant and rich look for the reception, and a sunshiny cheerful look for our ceremony, which was how our emotions played out that day.  For us, it worked perfectly!

But there are other colors to pair well with cobalt…use metallic tones to play up the rich color depending upon the look you want…

For a winter wedding, or a touch of coolness, add in some sparkly silver…

This is edible cake glitter, from — look at the sparkly brilliance!  This color will add a touch of cool elegance.  Reuse silver Christmas ornaments — silver balls, linear shapes, it doesn’t matter if it’s not December! Silver ribbon, silver place card holders at your reception tables…especially silver BLING for you and your bridesmaids!  Give your event a magical touch!

If you’d like to create a warmer elegant look…try a soft, sparkly gold! Be careful though and match your gold and blue elements first! Watch out for a gold that is too yellow.  Think of champagne — a soft golden color with the ‘bubbles’ represented by the sparkles… A sparkly gold will add that bit of bling, just like the silver — but with a warm effect!

Look at sparkly gold ribbon for bouquets…gold dust to sprinkle over your tablecloths…sparkly gold napkin rings at each place setting…gold Christmas ornaments that can be repurposed as simple decorations…gold bows made with wired ribbon and worked into your buffet trays… GOLD BLING of course for the jewelry … AND, use your champagne as a decorating element too!  Shop around, see if you can find clear champagne bottles, and have them worked into each table’s centerpiece. Looking for a fun punch idea for your punch fountain at the reception? Combine white grape juice with ginger ale and run it through your fountain for a beautiful gold DRINKABLE showpiece! Use your imagination and reuse the elements to your wedding — or those that you already have!

These are just a few ideas.  At the end of the day, look for a color palette that makes you feel happy.  Your wedding day must always be a reflection of you — regardless of the color or season!

‘Til Next Time…I just LOVE cobalt… 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor




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