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COLOR INSPIRATION: Sage (without returning to 1999)

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Taking a look at a popular late 90’s/early 00’s color that can be beautiful…without feeling like a bad retro trip! That color is sage green — I was in two weddings where this was the predominant color at that time, and saw MANY weddings with this color come through the flower shop I worked at in college. It became one of the top wedding colors, and still is a beautiful choice – but how to make it seem classy and not a bad throw back to 13 years ago? The big thing about colors in the 90’s and early 00’s was the use of saturated color — one main color with the secondary color being more of a small accent. For example, sage green dresses, perfectly matched shoes, ribbons, tux elements, etc. Switch it up – pick another strong color that can come through in heavy doses, balancing out the sage green and making it feel like a team player rather than a sole performer. For example, a deep purple paired with sage gives a feeling of richness which suggests elegance. This can pair perfectly to give weight to an outdoor Wyoming summer wedding, *or* utilize it with doses of gold or silver for a dropdead gorgeous winter wedding palette! Another color is coral — this makes sage green become fun and flirty. Perfect with a cocktail length coral dress for an outdoor summer wedding, or a spring wedding to bring a brightness to the room. You can also pair sage green with silver for an instantly cool feel – would be beautiful with long-sleeved gowns, white Christmas lights or candlelight to bring back an element of warmth, and a modern design to your decor. Tres chic, and so versatile!

I’m a Better Homes & Gardens addict, and their paint feature on green this month touched on this. They advised that pairing sage green with a crisp white makes it feel preppy & beachy; pair it with an ivory (and perhaps even switch to a deeper hue of green) to lend depth and elegance and create the feeling of a Southern manor home. Think ivory roses with deep green leaves & stems… Lovely again for a winter wedding, or a beautiful candlelight event.

Below are some inspiration points we’ve scoured from here and there to inspire you. Don’t be afraid of ‘outdated’ colors – think of new ways to use them, and you’ll never be accused of pulling a Marty McFly move at your wedding!


















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