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Summer weddings are in full bloom, and that means bridal showers are too! Needing some fun little games for the event? We’ve collected some fun websites and ideas, some with G-rated games, some a little…less so…so obviously it goes without saying, Reader Be Advised. 🙂

So you’ve collected a room full of your closest friends, co-workers, and family from both you and your fiance’s sides, most likely. What are the odds that everyone knows each other?  Pretty slim.  So to break the ice, have a few games to get some giggles and talking generating.  Here are some fun ideas we found out there:

  • Finish the phrase:  Find a series of sayings that are well-known, and a few that are not. Say the first half of the saying, and let the guests shout out the rest of it.  Award points to those who answer first — and to those that have the funniest things to add, even if they’re not the right answer! (
  • Clothespin game:  You may have heard of the diaper pin game at baby showers…this is a clothespin variation for bridal showers. Two variations I found:  #1, if someone says a key word they lose their clothespin to the person who heard it first. The one who has the most clothespins by the end of the shower wins. Some key words might be bride, groom, wedding, honeymoon, or any other fun ideas you can come up with!  #2, watch for guests who cross their legs — if you cross your legs you lose the clothespin! It’s harder to keep from doing than a lot of women realize! (,
  • Hot Potato:  Put something that someone has to wear in a box — in the source that I’ll reference here, they mention the item being a corsage, which is of course lovely…but they also suggest perhaps including something on the funnier side to put in the box (they mentioned a shower cap, or maybe even a hilarious hat or a feather boa, your imagination’s the limit!) Pass the box around the circle of guests like a hot potato, and the one who is stuck with the box when the music stops has to wear the item for the entire shower. Would definitely be a hilarious photo op! (

So it’s time for snacks — which means time for mingling!  Need to encourage your guests to mingle?  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Celebrity game:  Write the name of a celebrity on sticky notes, and stick one to each guest’s back.  Have each guest talk to each other as if they’re talking to the celebrity on that person’s back.  Guess who the celebrity is on your back…give them a time limit to figure it out.  This encourages both moving around and talking! (
  • Purse Hunt:  Divide your guests into teams and give them some scavenger hunt-type items to find in their purses.  Do the typical things (like a pen), but also add some odd items (this site mentions a rock, or one event I was at had us find a coupon, a picture of your kids/grandkids/pet/honey, a bobby pin or something REALLY obscure!)  Award points for the items found:  common items score less points than the obscure ones.  This is a fun idea that will get your guests both moving around and talking! (

Ready to open gifts?  There’s all SORTS of fun to be had!

  • What the Bride Says:  My friends did this for my baby shower, and it was absolutely hilarious — I saw this suggestion with a wedding twist and this is really a fun game.  As the bride opens gifts, have someone secretly write down what she says when she opens the gifts. “Oh how cute!” for example or I could go on but I won’t… 🙂 At the end of the shower, read them out loud with the idea that this is what she’ll say on her wedding night…it is absolutely hilarious! (In the baby shower version of the game, the things I said were what I said when our baby was conceived, which was equally as hilarious…the funniest ones probably had to deal with the size of the baby clothes I received, that got everyone rolling…) 🙂 (
  • What does the Bride Love? This is a bit of a twist from one of the ideas on this website, and is a fun idea.  Come up with a list of things that the bride loves before the shower:  her favorite movie, her favorite color, her favorite season, etc.  You could also throw in funny things like the favorite thing about her fiance, how many kids do they want, etc. (of course think about the potentially sensitive subjects, especially if both moms are attending!)  After the bride opens a gift from someone, have that guest answer a trivia question before the bride goes onto the next gift.  You could award prizes to those who guess right, OR you could award points for correct answers — if that guest doesn’t know the answer to her question, let someone else offer to answer — give a prize to the guest with the most points! (

Give her something to take home!

  • Recipe collection:  In your invitation, provide a blank recipe card. Ask each guest to bring a favorite recipe written on the card and collect them in a clear-sleeve photo album for the bride.  This was done at my bridal shower, and still is a treasured keepsake with sauce splatters on the pages and bent corners from all those yummy recipes I received from my guests… (
  • Collect Some Advice:  Collect a series of envelopes that have one moment of married life written on the outside. (“Wedding Night”, “First Fight”, “Having a Baby”, a holiday the couple will share together, etc.)  Have a guest each pick one and write a piece of advice for that event on an index card.  Seal it in the envelope, and give the bride the envelopes as something to refer to each time they happen.  (

Most of all, have FUN! A bridal shower is a time to enjoy the happy occasion with your friends and family.  Keep everyone smiling, talking and enjoying the time — there is MUCH fun to be had!


‘Til Next Time…I’d LOVE to hear your bridal shower suggestions!

Kati Hime, Editor



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