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WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Lisa & Kelly’s Black Hills Border Wedding

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Many of our Northeast Wyoming residents will attest to the beauty of Wyoming’s Black Hills, which also spread up into South Dakota… and many residents of both states journey back & forth across the border to enjoy that beauty. In that spirit, we’re excited to share Lisa & Kelly’s Black Hills wedding (held September 28, 2013) from Abbydell Photography — held ‘on the border,’ as Abbysays. Abby gives us the lowdown on the highlights from this beautiful day… “Fall wedding, perfect weather, ombre bridesmaid dresses, mason jars, candlelight reception with pumpkin pie & cider, blue stitching of initials on inside of bride’s dress and inside of groom’s tie for ‘something blue’…succulents & berries in the bouquet, parting gift of honey from a local beehive… LOTS of personal touches throughout the wedding day.”

I agree, this is fabulous!

Thanks again to Abby of Abbydell Photography for sharing this beautiful, WY + SD wedding day. Congrats to Kelly & Lisa, and much luck to you on your new journey! I bet it will be filled with many personal touches, just like your wedding day…


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