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Planning decorations and embellishments for a wedding is just as much about TEXTURE as it is COLOR!  Smooth, shiny, glittery, crinkly, blows in the wind or maintains its shape…all of these

are in our minds when planning decorations, although we rarely take time to stop and think about it.

Today I’m thinking on RIBBON — a unique and fun way to add texture and color to your decorations!  Above, these ribbon wands are a fun and unique twist on bubbles or bird seed — imagine your guests showering you with trails of ribbons as you pass by! And imagine how much fun the kids at your reception would have with these…instant entertainment! 🙂

Here is a new way to use ribbon — I am impressed by this! Talk about adding romance and whimsy to a beautiful summer event…

Isn’t this delish?! From ceremony to reception seating, this is a fun way to dress up your plain white chairs. AND, if a guest slips with their glass of pinot noir, or that meatball appetizer slips off that cocktail plate…you don’t have to worry about staining white chair covers.  PLUS, ribbon comes in darn near every color and shade imaginable. I think this is pure brilliance!

Here are some more takes on that ribbon chair theme…

LOVE THIS! Talk about Pottery Barn meets summer outdoor wedding…or even to dress up an indoor event with rented chairs…love it love it love it…

Now, this one might get expensive quickly – but – think budget-friendly and make it a decoration idea for a special seat… like for the mothers, or grandmothers, a special guest or your maid of honor… Use your imagination!

This next picture is gorgeous — imagine the colors and directions you could take this idea…

Elizabeth Messina for Kiss the Groom

So neat! Cake table, guest book table, gift table, head table…WOW…the things you could do with this idea!

Ribbon doesn’t only apply to decorations.  Look at these dresses that utilize bold splashes of color – made with ribbon!

Vera Wang

JR Couture

Beautiful!  And one more way to jazz up your wedding with ribbon…my favorite topic, CAKE… 🙂

Edible or real ribbon, let your imagination be your guide! Visit with your vendors and see what creativity they have for you… Think outside the box and make your day perfect just for YOU!

‘Til Next Time…I’m wishing I had that cake here… 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor




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