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Play with Patterns — Make Your Flowers Sing!


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My latest obsession: Flowers with pattern!

One of the most visually effective elements of design is pattern, often because it adds a degree of contrast to a work of art or a room’s design scheme.  Consider the following example: Pinstripes can convey a sense of formality, whereas Polka Dots induce a whimsical, carefree spirit.

As a bride to be, you have probably already thought about your wedding colors, the overall feel, and the formality of your day – now let’s consider how pattern can impact your bouquets and floral designs!

Look carefully at a Stargazer Lily and you will notice that, in addition to having a pink center with a clean white edge, they are spotted with a deep burgundy.  Fox Gloves are another example of a speckled flower, but have a more relaxed feel.  Want something more exotic?  Vanda Orchids never fail to impress, thanks in part to their purple and white near-gingham print.  Opt for Lady Slipper Orchids for a crisp green pinstripe (bonus – most people have never seen one and will have to take a second look.)  Monkshood Flower has a more subtle pattern complimenting its rare hooded form.  Notice the deep blue violet vein running through their petals.  These are perfect to add visual interest to a centerpiece that people will have time to sit and enjoy.  The velvety frills of Cockscomb seem to squiggle endlessly like the doodles in your junior high school English notebook.  Even the seemingly commonplace Rose has some rare striped varieties.

An artistic florist can help you to think beyond your choice of wedding colors and season when selecting flowers.  Before I meet with a prospective couple, I tell them to bring their invitations and other details they want included in their special day, no matter how small. This gives me a concrete idea of their overall style and helps me to understand the feelings they hope to evoke on their wedding day. Then I can assist in reproducing these feelings in their floral décor. Often it is the small details that can be repeated to unify the entire day.

So as you plan, remember to give all your wedding vendors a complete picture of your wedding theme and style, and don‘t overlook pattern as an effective way to impress your guests and create a unique wedding experience.

Lady Slipper

Fox Glove



Striped Rose


This bouquet by Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms & Designs uses pattern to capture attention!

Thanks Sarah! Please be sure to visit our website to connect with other Wyoming wedding professionals!

Keep up the great work!

Kati Hime, Editor


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