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Your Tiniest Attendents — by Sarah Merrill


Sarah Merrill of SuiteBlooms is back with another great topic — advice for your tiniest attendants! I love this!  And she inspired our photography spotlight over at Facebook for the week — flower girls & ring bearers, oh my! 🙂 Stop by our Facebook page and check out the photos posted by Wyoming artist!

As a little child, being asked to be a flower girl is the highest honor in the world, and will be a memory that she will likely treasure for the rest of her life.

The Petal Toss:

According to tradition, tossing petals down the aisle before you make an entrance is the job of your flower girl. This option is perfect for a flower girl that is around 5 years old. She should be old enough to understand what she is supposed to do.  Younger girls may not have the coordination to accomplish both walking and scattering petals.

The Hand Out:

If your flower girl is a little older, having her hand out flowers to your guests can be a more grown-up alternative to tossing petals. This idea is fun because it involves your guests and makes them feel important. I suggest having her carry a flower gathering basket filled with enough Gerbera Daisies, Roses (make sure the thorns have been removed), Carnations, Calla Lilies, or Tulips to give one to a lady at the end of each row. Then have her use her other hand to pass out individual flowers. It can be complicated to have a handful of flowers in one hand and not drop them as you pass them out.

Image by Charlotte Geary Photography,;

The Pomander:

This beautiful option (also known as a kissing ball) dates back to Victorian times and has recently become a popular alternative to the petal basket for your flower girl. This option is wonderful for even the youngest child because the lovely ribbon loop is easy for little hands to carry. Your florist can make it ahead of time because the center of the ball is made of wet floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated. Keep in mind that due to the labor involved, and the number of flowers required, a pomander will be one of the more expensive options for your flower girl.

The Bouquet:

Having your flower girl carry a simplified version of your bouquet may be the sweet and simple option. Ask your florist to keep it in proportion to her size to make it easy for her to carry.

The Ribbon Wand:

If you are looking for something for your flower girl to carry that will be playful and sweet, a ribbon wand could be the perfect option for you. Make it a fun DIY project to do with your flower girl for a little bonding before the wedding, and she will be proud to show off the wand that you created together.


Image by Bay Area Bride;

Ring Bearer


The Pillow:

Most couples have a Ring Bearer deliver his precious cargo to them on a traditional ring pillow. This classic idea can be customized and updated in many different ways. Try having one made in your wedding colors, or having your monogram, wedding date, or an image from your invitations embroidered on it.

The Dish:

Looking for an alternative to the lacy white pillow for your Ring Bearer to carry? Many couples are having their Bearer carry a small ring dish.  This option is elegant and unexpected.  There are many wonderful versions on handmade by artisans that can customize your dish to fit perfectly with your other ceremony details.

The Book:

What could be more personal than carrying a book that is special to you as a couple? This idea is really versatile because you can choose a classic love story that mirrors your own, or a family heirloom – maybe your family Bible or a book of poems.


The Fishing Pole:

How sweet is this idea? Your ring bearer will look adorable carrying your rings dangling from a bamboo fishing pole. This one is perfect for a lakeside venue or even a nautical wedding, and can even work for a Flower girl too!


Image by Luminaire Foto,;


The Banner:

Your ring bearer’s suit has pockets so have him use them, – here is an idea that doesn’t involve the ring. Let your guests know that you will be walking the aisle momentarily – in writing. This unique banner could be customized in so many ways. You can use graphics from your wedding invitation, fabric that matches your brides maid’s dresses, or even have your florist wire a few blooms to the banner’s handles!


Mrs. Radish,

I hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas for your smallest attendants as much as I have enjoyed compiling them. Every couple has a style all their own, so remember that while wedding traditions can be lovely, there is no law that states you have to follow every one.  Let your style play a role in making your wedding perfect for you and your groom!

Thanks Sarah! These are fun ideas! I’ve also seen lanterns with moss in the bottom and rings tucked inside — another awesome idea!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Finding Your Special Touches!

Kati Hime, Editor





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