Rock the Dress!


*This column does not constitute medical or exercise advice.  Never begin a workout program without first consulting with your physician. Having a professional train you in the proper technique is also an important step.

Depending on what your wedding date is, your alteration schedule may not allow for a burst of weight loss at this point — but — even if that’s not the case, there are a few little workouts that are still great to work into your daily life!

One great place to work, even right up to your wedding day, is your arms.  A bit of tone to your arms and shoulders makes for that added zip to your appearance!  I’m not suggesting you hit the weights and become a body builder in a few short months — there are many easy exercises and inexpensive pieces of simple equipment that can make all the difference via just a few short minutes a day, from the comfort of your own home…

I discovered — for medicine ball workouts, check out:, where they have a great variety of different arm exercises.  Medicine balls are a handy exercise tool to use at home — they comes in a variety of weights and sizes, and they’re relatively inexpensive!  If you haven’t seen a medicine ball, here’s what they look like:

Fitter First medicine ball —

Here are some awesome youtube clips from that were created with a Certified Personal Trainer — using dumbbells!

This showcases tricep kick backs — awesome for that back of your arm, always a tough but important spot to work on…

Arm raises — great for the shoulders and front of the arms too, which really are showcased in a strapless dress!



Shoulder Press — a power house exercise!


Dips are an AWESOME tricep workout! When we were cheering at UW, dips were the power house exercise to aide in stunting. They have remained my personal favorite exercise! They do require a little work up from a beginning level, so don’t push it! This clip above and the following two are great:




Remember, this is not medical or workout advice. Always check with a physician before you begin any exercise, and get help to know that you’re doing the exercises correctly!  Make sure to combine exercise with a balanced, healthy diet and lots of water and rest to help maximize all that you do — including wedding planning!


‘Til Next Time…Go Rock that Dress!

Kati Hime, Editor




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