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Meet ERIKA — a Real WY Bride!


We continue introducing you to our new blog team with the addition of ERIKA, a real Wyoming bride!  Erika will be sharing her joys, stresses, advice and questions with all of us — think you’re alone in this process? Far from it! Want to share your experiences with Erika? Got questions or your own stories to relate on our blog? Contact us at!

Meet Erika! And thanks to Erika for sharing her experiences with us!

Hello!!  My name is Erika and coming this September I will finally marry my love, Nathan.  Our relationship will reach seven years a month before our wedding day.  Some quick facets:  Nathan’s brother is married to my local best friend; we worked at the same complex for two years before we started dating (different departments); and finally we’ve spent approximately four years as a long distance couple.  We’ve had a lot of ups, downs, lefts and rights during these last 6 ½ years, but one thing we actually agree on is that those times are what made our relationship as strong as it is today… and the reason we know it is the right time to wed.  Cue the ‘ahhh’.  Even though I didn’t think it was possible, Nathan found a way to surprise me at Christmas by proposing in front of my family (my grandmother LOVED it).  The even bigger surprise is that he gave me the iPad that came with his purchase at the jewelry store!  I’m nice enough to share with him. 🙂

Once the ring slid upon my finger, I was in full planning mode.  I’ve been thinking about, talking about and planning weddings for about ten years now.  Now that my own wedding is a reality, I’ve become highly indecisive with too many ideas.  Plus, since I’ve been talking about it for so long, the expectations for my wonderful wedding are Huge and I don’t want to disappoint!  I know, I know, it’s our wedding and it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, but I still want this wedding to scream Erika & Nathan!!

Because of this need to ‘show-off’ my faux wedding planning skills, we originally wanted our wedding in Salt Lake City.  We thought it would be more convenient for out of town guests, have more options for vendors and a bit more glamour.  After doing hours and hours of research online, we went to SLC to review these fabulous venues.  It was a quick trip because after a few moments at each site, nothing impressed us enough to expend the extra cost.  Plus, we’d have to cut down our massive guest list.  At the end of the day we took the advice of every wedding book I’ve ever read and reviewed our priorities.  For us, it is more important to include as many of our friends and family on this big day than to have a venue that means nothing to us.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the sites are wonderful and anyone is lucky to get married there.  They just wouldn’t fit our large families or personalities.  So now we are getting married at work!  Yep, we booked the wedding at the Sweetwater Events Complex in Rock Springs, where we first started our relationship.  Meaningful, holds a lot of people and a blank canvas for us to blast with bright colors!

I’m excited to share my planning experiences with anyone who reads.  I know I’m just a typical bride-to-be swarmed by wedding ideas and it’s going to be fun to muddle through this together!

Thanks Erika! If you’re also planning a Sweetwater County wedding, be sure to visit our upcoming Bridal Expo at the Homewood Suites in Rock Springs! Saturday, February 19, 12-4 and FREE for EVERYONE! Come pick up a planning guide, register for door prizes, SEE OUR FASHION SHOW AT 2 PM, and meet Wyoming wedding professionals excited to help YOU!

Til next time…keep up the planning! You’re doing GREAT!


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