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Eye Candy by Brandi: Bibbity Bobbity YOU!

Bibbity Bobbity YOU!

by Brandi Lea Nash, Eye Candy by Brandi 

What’s A Bride To Do?

You are engaged!  Congratulations!! You are going to say, “I Do,” to the person you love most in the entire world.  Every time you gaze at your engagement ring that your fiancé picked out all by himself (see, he has great taste!) you start to day-dream about your wedding day.

You may have envisioned a million times how you want to look and feel on your wedding day.  Do you want to feel like a princess, a bohemian dream, a classy romantic diva, a snow queen or a sun-kissed beach beauty?  There are so many options and it seems as though there is a new bridal trend every time you pickup a copy of your favorite wedding magazine.  Hot looks for 2014 include: braids, cat-eye makeup, pink lips, full eyebrows and flushed cheeks.  Oh, and don’t forget, Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid which is sure to be seen in many weddings this season.  You may decide to pick one or more of the current trends for your wedding day or none of these may even come close to your style or personality, and that’s o.k.!  Trends are just that… trends.  What is hot today may be as cold as a Wyoming winter the next.

We all believe what is cool today is waaaay cooler than what was happening when our parents got married. My kids will think the same thing when they plan their own weddings.  When I think about what was “in” 34 years ago, blue suits and mutton chop sideburns for men, and for brides, gowns that covered them from the neck down are what come to my mind.  How will you feel about current trends 30, 40 or even 50 years down the road?

Some things to consider when it comes to how you want to look on the day you walk down the aisle:

What is your style? If you are a trendsetter kind of girl and Cosmo is your beauty Bible then you would expect nothing less than to have the latest fashion and beauty trends part of your big day.  On the other hand, if you have never worn makeup a day in your life, wouldn’t be caught dead adorned in rhinestones and would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, then you must honor your own wishes and desires and tune out everything else.  Above all, do what makes you happy. Your happiness will radiate and that’s what makes a bride stunning on her wedding day.

Can you create the look you desire on your own?  If not, I recommend seeking out a professional.  Having a professional hair stylist and makeup artist not only takes the pressure off of you but also allows for some time to be pampered on your big day.  Have a trial run a few weeks before hand and that way you can feel confidant and assured you will look exactly the way you want.  Do not forget about your hands.  A manicure is a definite MUST.  This goes for men, too.

Is your skin healthy?  If your skin is prone to break-outs or other issues you need to work with an experienced esthetician or in some cases a dermatologist at least 6 months prior to the wedding day. Get a on a healthy skin care routine now. You can’t cram last minute when it comes to clearing up your skin.

Lastly, make sure you have a touch up kit with you.  Weddings are an all day event with getting ready, photos, the ceremony and reception.  I can guarantee you your initial lip color application from the morning will not last through all of that.  Here are my recommendations for what to have in your wedding day emergency kit: your lip color, blotting sheets to rid your T-Zone of any mid-day shine, a small compact mirror, breath mints and tissues.

Just remember to be you.  After all, your fiancé loves YOU and he wants to see your natural beauty as you walk toward him.  A classy and timeless hairstyle and makeup application will only enhance your beautiful features and look great in photos.

(and if your fiancé read this with you and his eyes got all gleamy thinking about sporting mutton chops, tell him “NO!”)


About the author: Brandi Lea Nash is a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist.  She owns her own business, Eye Candy by Brandi.  Visit her facebook page and website


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