TRACKING MEMORIES — It’s Important! And Easy, I Promise!


OK, so this may not be you — but it was too darn funny and I had to add it!  I know you’re going crazy with planning — and yes, I am suggesting adding another thing to your to-do list.  Some wedding blogger I am, right?! Well, this one is truly important — and can be as easy as you want to make it…

I’m talking about keeping track of your memories as your wedding planning process progresses — however that works best for you!  We’ll discuss a few ways to do this that can make your life easy in upcoming blogs — but let’s talk about WHY first…

Photo by David Huber Photography — Worland

What’s the speech we hear about wedding photography & videography? Invest in your day…save those memories…because when the wedding is over, those memories are what remain…and they’re right, of course!  So why not apply it to the planning PROCESS as well? Those months are FULL of memories — from the trips to the bridal salon, trying on all those dresses, picking YOUR dress, the alteration appointments, the first time you saw yourself in the mirror… to the floral appointments, catering appointments, to the funny things that happen…they’re ALL worth saving.  Maybe you’re a DIY girl — that feeling of pride and satisfaction when you saw your completed pile of wedding programs sitting in front of you is a moment to treasure… Or maybe you’re NOT a DIY girl, and the feeling of relief and excitement you felt when you met with your planner and she said ‘We’ve got this ALL taken care of for you, and it will be PERFECT!’ — another moment worth savoring! No matter your style, keep those moments — they will be fun to relive later, AND fun to share with your children or other family someday!


I’m a journaler. Yes, that’s not a word — but it’s who I am. However, between running two magazines, two children, running daily and volunteer activities, journaling is hard to do at best.  So for me, I keep it to the big moments — and those that I can’t miss remembering.  Writing several pages can be time-consuming — so don’t do that if you can’t! Jot down the big details — they’ll still represent that memory perfectly.

Here’s an example from my own life:  We took two years to plan our wedding. At one point, I became very ill and lost 40 pounds in five months. Guess what happened right before I became sick — I had ordered my custom-made wedding dress! So six months later, beautiful custom dress arrives, and it hangs on me like a guinea sack.  I’ll never forget standing there in that big beautiful dressing room at the bridal salon, mirrors all around me, and my dress that I had dreamed of hanging off of me — with every angle of horror projected from the multiple mirrors.  Tears were imminent, and the salon manager — bless her heart — stopped them by saying “Honey, don’t you worry. We can fix ANYTHING.”

Two months later, I returned, not exactly sure what to expect. You know what? She was RIGHT! It fit like a glove, and looked absolutely perfect. That time, tears flowed freely — but for a different reason!

This memory wasn’t 100% positive, although the ending was perfect (fortunately!).  It was important for me because my illness affected our wedding planning in many ways. Keeping a track of those memories for me was just as important as the beautiful decorations on our day.

A way for me to keep that memory in short-hand form could be:  “June 2000…Dress is in…I was so nervous, but it FIT! This is amazing! I was a puddle of tears — I’m SO excited that they saved my dream wedding dress!”  Memory is saved, and it took about five minutes to write — and you conveyed the important information!

Find a journal that you love at the book store, stationary store, or specialty store — there are many independent stores in Wyoming that carry beautiful journals. Another person that can journal? Your groom! You might just be surprised what he’ll say if you ask him.  Men may not be into details typically like we are, but encourage him to write shorthand — those memories will be just as important in the future as yours!

One more time that I highly recommend you journal:  Your Wedding Day.  It was a crazy day, but one thing my husband Levi and I did was write a quick letter to each other on the morning of our wedding day.  We wrote in our journal, and had a friend deliver it to the other one (because we were pretty traditional about not seeing each other before the wedding).  It didn’t take long, and we were able to share our feelings of anticipation and excitement (even nerves) with each other. Now it stays in our journal and is a reminder of our feelings for each other on that day…always a great boost to your relationship when you need one!

‘Til Next Time…I have to share this again, it just cracks me up…

LOL… 😀 Don’t go crazy! Although the ribbon spool earrings are kickin’! 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor



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