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Wedding Wednesday — Casper Engagement Spotlight!

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Thanks to Kelsey & Chad for sharing their engagement pictures with us! These come from Jen Hebert Photography in Casper — follow the link to her Facebook page and website!

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jen-H%C3%A9bert-Photography/102256099813356

Website:  http://www.jenhebertphotography.com/

Kelsey & Chad enjoyed a snowy day for some AMAZING engagement shots…these are SO much fun!  Here’s their announcement — which can also be found on our ‘Wyo Weddings‘ subpage — click on the link to the engagement announcements!

{Our} wedding reception will be a Winter Wonderland Wedding  which will be held at the Airport Observation Deck on December 10, 2011. We have a sleigh being made to hold presents. We will have a candy bar, a hot drinks bar, and much more! We have yet to decide where the ceremony will be. We have Jen Hebert Photography, Wyoming Photobooth and Absolute Entertainment scheduled for the big day. Our story and pictures are on our wedding website.

Read more on Kelsey & Chad’s wedding website!

CONGRATS guys on some beautiful photos, and BEST WISHES for a beautiful day and happy life together!

Check out these awesome pictures…what fun ideas!




I love moments like these…


LOVE these! What a beautiful couple — and great images!

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‘Til Next Time…I’m adoring that puppy! CUTE!

Kati Hime, Editor



LINK BACK TO OUR WEBSITE! www.wyomingweddingsonline.com



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