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Sarah’s Top Wedding Tips — THE WEDDING DAY


Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms is back with another set of wedding tips! Take it from someone who’s been there… Thanks Sarah for these great little nuggets of wisdom!

TIP: Eat something. You are nervous, pressed for time, and have to look PERFECT, so it would make sense to skip breakfast and or lunch – right? Well maybe not. Your mind isn’t clear when you are hungry – so you are more likely to forget something – like your vows. Additionally, being hungry can make you grouchy and more prone to be impatient with your friends and family. Plan ahead and pack something simple, fresh, and healthy that will give you energy but will avoid making you feel too full.

Know you won’t have time to sit down for a meal? Think ahead and freeze some grapes, hard boil a couple eggs, and pack an energy bar. These will be quick and easy to eat while on your way to your hair appointment. Photo from

TIP: Each time a photo is about to be taken, think about something that you are truly happy about. Your photographer will probably be reminding you “Smile! You are getting married today!” But with the tight schedule, the last minute worries, and the pain your shoes are causing, a smile may not come naturally. Make a mental list of a few things that make you smile every time. Maybe it’s how proud you are of your little sister’s accomplishments in school, or an inside joke that resulted from a crazy night out with friends. Just relax – your joy will show through.

TIP: Hold your bouquet low as you walk down the aisle, and during photographs. Many brides and bridesmaids tend to carry their bouquet too high. When you hold your bouquet with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, you hide both the embellishment on your dress and your great figure! Carrying your bouquet as low as you comfortably can will show off your waist, your dress, and will flatter your figure. Here’s a tip: aim to keep it no higher than the level of your belly button.

This bride has her arms relaxed, which makes her whole silhouette flow beautifully. Photo from

The posture of this bride gives off a nervous and stiff feeling. Photo from

TIP: Take time to enjoy the day. You have heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses.” Your wedding day will be a blur and when it is over, you will only have memories and photographs. So take the time to create the memories. Dance with your grandfather. Spend a moment giggling with your flower girl. And take a few private moments with your groom to just enjoy being Mr. & Mrs.

TIP: Don’t overindulge. Whether you are the a glass of champagne type, or a Coors Light girl, take it easy on your wedding day. You’ve spent your life dreaming of this day and you will want to remember it, instead of waking up with a pounding headache and no idea why your dress is ripped or worse.

This photo speaks for itself. Photo from

TIP: Relax. All the planning is over, and when you look back at this day you will remember the special moments, the smell of the flowers, and the most amazing butter cream ever – unless you stress out about a minor detail that isn’t perfect. A few deep breaths will help you calm down, and can help you avoid acting like the bridezilla that you swore you wouldn’t become.

Yes, wedding planning is stressful, but don’t let it get to you like this. Photo from

TIP: Last week I threw in a tip from my experience as a bride, and this week I have one more for you. Keep track of your purse and cell phone. My new husband and I were back at my apartment when I realized that my cell phone was no where to be found. And since we would need it to wake us up for our honeymoon flight, we had to find it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a land line, and he didn’t have a cell phone, so we wound up driving across town to where his groomsmen were staying to use a phone to find out it was at his parents’ house. They’d found it and saved it from getting locked in the reception venue. The whole evening wound up being a bit awkward and was a far cry from what I’d expected. Bottom line: don’t forget your cell phone.

Thanks so much Sarah!  We really appreciate the great bits of knowledge Sarah shares with us weekly. She does a wonderful job working with couples — not only on their floral arrangements, but also in keeping the whole process together and flowing smoothly!  Check her out on Facebook at SuiteBlooms !!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Breathing, and Keep Going — It’s Going to be Beautiful! Aim to make it the happiest day of your life — not necessarily just ‘perfect’ — because no matter what happens, the end result is you’re getting MARRIED! And that is enough to make it an instantly beautiful day. 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor




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