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Pre.Veil Events of Cody — “Planning the Day YOU Want!”

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Today’s topic comes from Pre.Veil Events in Cody, Wyoming. Mandy, owner of Pre.Veil Events, will be sharing her wisdom with us when it comes to planning your perfect wedding that fits your personality… Be sure to visit her online!

Today, Mandy’s discussing how to make your wedding the best for YOU — because that’s who this whole day is about! The two of YOU!

The question has been asked and you said “Yes”. From now until the day you say “I Do” you’ll receive an overload of advice on what your wedding should be.  There can be a lot of pressure to make sure that everyone around you is happy with the look and feel of the wedding. The most import thing is that you, as a couple, have the day you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to add your personalities into the ceremony and reception. There are lots of fun and beautiful ways of making the day truly yours. Adding elements that are unique to you will be some of the most memorable parts of the day. It’s really trendy to add bright fun colors to your wedding palette. Roses are not for everyone, pick something you really love. And it doesn’t make a wedding any less flawless to walk down the aisle to something other than the wedding march. Each detail that is true to you will only enrich the day for you and your guests. Above all, don’t spend your entire engagement being stressed about your day. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

If time is an issue or just the idea of having to plan something makes you sweat. Remember that there are professionals who can help. Hiring a wedding planner can give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy being in love. A wedding planner can give you advice and ideas that help you share that unique love story.

Thanks Mandy! Communicating your own personal wants & needs as a couple to each other is essential — as is communicating with your parents, family, friends and wedding service professionals!  Be sure to tell them what you want — so that you get the wedding that suits YOU! It makes a wedding professional happy to see that you’re happy — so be sure to let them know what will get you to that point!

Until next time…keep up the communicating!

Kati Hime, Editor

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