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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Sara LeeAnn Photography


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Sara LeeAnn Photography of Casper is our vendor spotlight for this week.  I love the way that Sara captures emotion in such a unique way.  I also adore her detail shots…scroll down through this look at Sara’s work to find what makes her a unique photographer…after you read through her comments below and visit her website, be sure to visit our boudoir e-mag for a look at Sara’s amazing boudoir work…































From Sara… You’re getting married. I’m holding a camera. But how do we know if we’re a match made in heaven? Well, let’s get acquainted…


I can’t sit still. I notice the way light and shadows move across a person’s face and get so distracted by beautiful, sad, sexy, and lonely things, I often catch myself staring. Then I blush.  I’m passionate about dark chocolate. And vodka. I am obsessed with film noir, indie music and vintage hats. My camera is the way I connect with and hide from people, and the medium I use to tell stories and secrets. I swear in Portuguese. I always eat one too many slices of pizza.


You’re crazy about someone you plan to spend a lifetime loving and fighting with. You aren’t into traditional weddings, traditional anything. You have impeccable taste.  “Say cheese” makes you cringe.  Or scowl. Or club baby seals. You have absolutely no intention of paying attention to the photographer on your wedding day. You will be dancing your butt off, blissful in the knowledge that your perfectly imperfect love story is being captured by an artist who would never, ever make your bridal portrait all black-and-white, except for the bright, red, photo-shopped rose bouquet.

In some alternate universe, you and I were probably friends. You probably did something really nice for me once – like bake me cookies – so I’m super-excited to do something nice for you in return.

Get in touch:

Visit Sara’s website for more examples of her beautiful work — give her a call at 307-277-0264, and shoot her a line at

Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine — Wyovore — WYO XY —





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