WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Christian & Megan

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Thanks to Brian of BHPimaging in Laramie for sending this absolutely breathtaking wedding!!! Christian & Megan were married in northern Wyoming, in an ‘epic’ day (so says Brian) that was filled with love and some VERY snazzy embellishments. But I’ll let these pictures do the talking, because they truly are AMAZING…

Here’s what Brian has to say about this sweet couple and his experience with them:

Christian & Megan are incredibly beautiful and the light was what I wish for every wedding. I also had a brilliant second shooter, a professional photographer in Montana. There is something about the first wedding of the wedding season that really gets me feeling like it’s summer.

When I met both of these lovebirds I was still in photo school. I sat next to Christian in a couple business classes and always really enjoy his company. Megan was that girl that showed up in photo classes and the teachers couldn’t help but rave about her work. I have since had the chance to get to know them both. They are full of love.

Christian and Megan continued dating through college and both moved to Cody, Wyoming after their respective graduations. Megan began diving deeper into the video world and producing outdoor recreation videos, all while keeping her edge sharp for shooting. Christian has found a love for ceramics. He has developed an incredibly genuine style, founded in his passion for rock climbing and the outdoors.  You can begin to see shades of Wyoming Granite in his work.

For their wedding, I was lucky enough to work with artists. These wedding stress me out more than any other… you are shooting for people with highly trained eyes, attention to detail, and a true understanding of what’s happening on my side of the camera.

Their day went so incredibly smooth, the kind of day a wedding photographer dreams of:  warm, hazy light, a beautiful couple that smiles every time they catch each other’s eyes, a shooting schedule that left a little bit of wiggle room, a great second shooter (Shanna Mae Swanson) and friends in front of your lens.

There are times that being a wedding photographer can start to feel less than glamorous. This wedding will be what I think of in those moments. This wedding was so full of special, unique moments. It wasn’t planned to some incredible extent, it was a party in honor of Christian and Megan’s love. It was a party for their friends and their families.

With that said, I’ll turn to BHP’s images from Christian & Megan’s wedding…they are so beautiful…


Thanks again to Brian of BHPimaging in Laramie for sending in this gorgeous wedding — CONGRATS to Christian & Megan, and you are one hip couple, I have to say… May your journeys take you to many more adventures!

Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


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