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Thanks to Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for today’s blog post!  Sarah provides us with the best inspiration, whether it be for floral design or tips for your wedding day.  Today she’s here to offer you some unique and creative ways to personalize your bouquet!  Personalization has been a popular wedding trend for ages — from monograms to silhouettes, using your new name, blend of names, cultural influence and even your own likeness can make your wedding 100% yours.  Read on to find more ways to incorporate this timeless trend…

For many brides, the bouquet that they carry on their wedding day is much more than just a handful of blooms.  In fact, for many brides, their bouquet is largely sentimental.  Carrying the scent of a bouquet that includes Jasmine could evoke the smell of your mother’s perfume, or perhaps you will choose a bouquet that includes the flowers that your grandmother grew in her garden.  What ever bouquet you choose, don’t overlook the details that will make this bouquet – the most meaningful of your life – all the more unique & special to you.










Bouquet jewelry is becoming hugely popular with brides this year, and no wonder – it can add some sparkle and glam to any bouquet.  You can find simple rhinestone picks in a variety of gemstone colors, flower shaped rhinestone picks to peek out between your blooms, initials to show off your new monogram & a variety of buckles to have incorporated into your bouquets handle.














This oh so elegant bouquet holder dates back to the 1700’s and is called a Tussie-Mussie. It’s perfect for the bridal party that wants a small, lightweight bouquet with a formal feel.   Search on eBay to find an antique, or if you prefer new ones talk to your florist about providing them for you.














Looking to add a little 1930’s sophistication to your  bouquet?  These white ostrich feathers will add the perfect touch to achieve that fringed feel.  Want to add a rustic charm to your bouquet?  Think Pheasant Plumes.  Or maybe a little Las Vegas show girl glam is the look you’re after?  Layers of brightly colored ostrich drabs will add loads of drama.  Feathers are an inexpensive way to dress up even a simple bouquet while adding a dash of the unexpected.

















If you are looking for a great way to make your bouquet stand out, than consider using an unusual fabric to wrap your stems.  Getting married in a rustic setting?  Consider asking your florist to wrap your bouquet in raffia, twine, leather, or thin rope!  Looking for something a bit more sophisticated?  Try velvet, embroidered ribbon, or pearls!  Incorporating fabric from your mother’s wedding dress could be the touch that makes your bouquet.  This bouquet of Vanda Orchids, Spray Roses, Calla Lilies, & Billy Balls is wrapped in a scrap of lace and a satin ribbon.







The ocean is a place full of joyful memories for couples all over the world, which makes it a great source of inspiration for many couples on their wedding day.  This bouquet features a variety of pastel roses, and is accented with seashells and starfish.

This elegant bouquet of Mini Calla Lilies was given a refined sparkle when each stamen was studded with a faceted lavender Czech bead and pearl.  After the wedding, the bride can simply remove the beads and string them together to create a necklace that has a unique story.








 Image by Kio Kreations

This simple bouquet of white roses is personalized by wrapping the stems in a monogrammed handkerchief edged in glass beads.  The lovely handkerchief will forever be a keepsake from your wedding bouquet long after the blooms have wilted and died.















Image by Neysa Ruhl Photography,

This bouquet highlights a very special way to celebrate the love of past generations.  The bride provided photos of her grandparents to her florist who shrunk the pictures & hung them from her bouquet.  What better way could one say thank you to the family that has paved the way and taught her how to love?







This bride is carrying a simple bouquet of succulents and flowers as an addition to her family Bible.  This tradition was common during our grandparents time – and what could be more sentimental than carrying an heirloom that goes beyond 66 books and a leather cover.  This book has been the basis of many of those marriages, and this is a beautiful way to honor your history.

Thanks Sarah for a really interesting article!  Sarah Merrill at SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne provides us with fabulous inspiration — connect with them on Facebook or their website,!

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