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I do enjoy an elegant black & white wedding, but OH BOY do I adore pops of bright COLOR! The trends for 2011 are leaving me feeling all warm and fuzzy, and today’s color inspiration is no different — RASPBERRY!

The thing I have noticed about raspberry is that it is a color that is defined by interpretation. Some people envision close to a wine color when they think raspberry…others think of a darker shade of pink. If you wish to mix your shades of raspberry, it is potentially doable, but work wisely: sample all of your shades together, and think about how they are going to be paired in the same room at one time (such as at the reception)…Will your bridesmaids have a wine colored dress while the tables have the more pink shade in the centerpieces? Will those play well together? Perhaps consider working with a neutral base and bringing the raspberry out in embellishments such as ribbon sashes, rosette pins or jewelry if you are planning on mixing shades…

Bridal gown with raspberry embellishments — note my all-time favorite pinch hitter and multi-tasker extraordinaire, RIBBON…

Eden Informals, #1360

I just don’t think you can go wrong with raspberry for skin tones when it comes to bridesmaids. It warms up a light complexion, and pairs beautifully with chestnut brown hair…here are some inspiration bridesmaid ideas:

I LOVE this one — of course, I am also in love with rosette pins. 🙂 This next one is a fun and flirty take on rosette pins and raspberry…I think it’s a very taste-specific dress. See what you think — I’d love to hear your opinion!


Of course, you’ll need decorations too! Check out these fun ways to add a pop of bright and happy raspberry…

So we have some ideas brewing…but…what do we pair with raspberry? What color is a great compliment?  Depends upon the mood you want to convey.  If you want to use raspberry for an elegant affair, I think it pairs beautifully with chocolate brown…think dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and a raspberry garnish…pure elegance…

Beautiful and elegant!  How about fun, flirty and simply happy? You can NOT possibly feel blue when you see raspberry & mango paired together…add in a crisp white as your base and it’s instant transportation to the tropics… — “Vienna”  — J’adore!!! — Oh so happy!!! — Think drink umbrellas! Instant pop, ambience and fun! — Schubert’s Bakery, San Francisco, CA

I never really gave this color much thought until I saw it recently, and OH MY GOSH I have been missing out! The possibilities are truly endless — what a bright and happy color to either make the star of the show, or bring out in embellishments to warm up your neutral scene! WOW…

Do you have a color inspiration suggestion? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at and share your color inspiration with us — you might be featured in this blog!

‘Til Next Time…Keep that Inspiration Coming!

Kati Hime, Editor





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