ENGAGEMENT STORY from Disney World!

Ohhhhhh you guys, I LOVE this proposal story from Stephanie from Disney World, where I was hoping to see an engagement on Valentine’s Day this week when we were there…but alas, I did not. However, Stephanie saved the day by sharing her sweet story with us! Check this out!

My fiance David and I have known each other since high school and even dated for about a year and a half while there. We broke up when we went to college but reconnected in the fall of 2010. We went to Florida in August to see his family and went to Disney to celebrate his sister’s birthday. (Literally it is my favorite place in the world and I was there for the first time last March. ) So we were only in Disney for the day, and I was excited just to be there but David (my fiance) was insistent of heading straight to the castle to take pictures. His parents took a few pictures with us and then took some of the two of us. Then David said he wanted to take one more and got down on his knee…

I had always thought of how I might react or what I might say… but I just burst into tears and was too speechless. We got to wear “just engaged” buttons all over the park. It was awesome  Here is our picture!

Love love LOVE this story and picture! Thanks Stephanie so much for sharing! 🙂 (And they’re planning their wedding for September 28, 2013!)

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