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As we expand our coverage and features, we’re bringing you a blog that will be packed with interesting tidbits, tips, trends, and of course, ADVICE, all from people in the know. And who more ‘in the know’ than someone who’s been there recently?! Your best wedding advice resource is quite probably that person who has just gone through it herself. Her memories are fresh and vivid, and she has a great deal of passion in sharing her day – and helping yours be wonderful!

So please help me in welcoming Mrs. Ashley White, our lovely recent bride who is bringing you her dew drops of wisdom. Ashley will be contributing to this blog, as well as our upcoming material, regularly — so keep checking back! We’ll let you know when we have new posts available on our social media — Facebook and Twitter — so come follow us and join in on the action! (Links on the home page!) Got questions for Ashley? Email us at, or post them on our social media!

Without any further ado, here’s Ashley…

On October 10th, 2010—my hair a tumbling mess of curls, the room around me sparkling with candlelight—I walked down the aisle of the Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne, crossing the threshold from “engaged” to “married” with a pair of glitter-dunked flats on my feet.

Eleven months prior, I was newly engaged, left hand all a-dazzle, and had absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding. All I knew was (1) the words “fiancé” and “fiancée” were incredibly weird, and using them made me feel like I was referring to my betrothed as some sort of exotic food; (2) my left hand had never before been as stared at or grabbed for by people I barely knew as it was in those first few months post-engagement; and (3) OMG GUYS I’M GETTING MARRIED I’M GETTING MARRIED OMG.

To start things off—hi, I’m Ashley! Born and raised in Cheyenne, I’m living the newlywed life with my husband Gus (and still dorking out every time I get to refer to him as such; “husband” is my new favorite word) and still trying to perfect my new signature. He’s a mechanic, I’m a copywriter, and we celebrated 11 years together just four days before we got married. (Yes, seriously. People always ask if we’ve been together “since, like, preschool,” and it takes them by surprise when I tell them we actually have a picture of us, together, from preschool. True story. It’s hanging in our living room.)

The first time Gus asked me out, I was 13 and he was 14; knelt down in front of me—untying my shoe, as per his usual manner of flirting— he boldly asked, “Would you go out with me?” My shoe still his captor, and an impish spirit coursing through my veins, I sassily replied, “What happens if I say yes?”


Without missing a beat, as though we’d rehearsed it a thousand times, he answered, “Then I’ll love you forever.”


Fast-forward to November 30th, 2009, and we were back in the same place we began; me, feet dangling from a stool in the woodshop classroom at our junior high school, and my husband to be, bent down on one knee in front of me with a diamond ring in one hand.

From picking the perfect vendors, to finding THE dress, down to the random family drama and tackling DIY projects…. I’ve been there. And now that I’m smack dab in the middle of life as a newlywed, I’ve also got plenty to say about the epic process of changing my name, finding a home for all our wedding gifts, writing thank-you cards until my hand’s about ready to fall off… like I said, I’ve got no shortage of topics to touch on, and I’m excited to get to know you all as we commiserate, trade tips and share stories.

Seriously, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a talker by nature, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear about your wedding plans, help answer questions, see pics of your dream dresses… what’s Wyoming Weddings if not a place to settle in, kick back your feet and celebrate this gorgeous time in your life?

SO looking forward to getting to know everyone!

– Ashley White

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