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Is there a more classic autumn color than orange? With the beautiful colors we’ve been seeing in Wyoming in the fall, it’s hard not to tie those in to your wedding decor. But when we think orange…do we have to think retro 70’s dark wood paneling and harvest gold countertops too? Or that carpeting you had as a kid that looked slightly like the Muppet you were watching on TV while you were eating PB&J with the crusts cut off? (Or was that just my house?) 🙂 No! Orange does not need to equal 70’s throwback. Not at all. We’ve found some great inspirational photos…orange you glad? (OK, I had to throw that out there at least once…)



Orange & blue are complementary on the color wheel, meaning they are across from each other. Why is this important? Because complementary colors give instant brightness. If you want to incorporate orange and make it sing with bright, happy tones, consider a icy blue…but be careful! Pick a dominant color and incorporate the second color gradually, to keep from overwhelming your guests. OR, perhaps pick one color to dominate at the reception, and the other color to have the stage at the ceremony…

Another way to give orange a delicious punch is to include raspberry. I do so adore raspberry, it is such a versatile color (who knew, right?!)… Raspberry is warmer and richer than an icy blue, so it will elicit a different feel to your event. Perhaps if raspberry is your dominant color, consider bursts of orange for that unexpected pop of color…




 and Sophie’s Favors — inspiration from Colleyberry





 — Image by Susan Jackson Photography & seen on orange weddings by The Knot

Of course, as I always say, chocolate brown is the universal neutral. I challenge you to find a color that a beautiful, deep, rich chocolate brown will not coordinate with. I just don’t think it can be done. Now in this situation, the challenge may be how to keep orange + chocolate brown out of the 70’s.  While shag may not be back, there is a trend toward the 60’s and 70’s color schemes, with a modern twist…think straight lines and adding pops of chrome to tie in with modern design. The look is urban, funky and fresh — and no harvest gold in sight…

The classic neutral that we’re all familiar with is white. I’m not personally a huge fan of white — but that’s just me. I do, however, stop and go ‘oooooh’ when I see a beautiful cake that pairs white and pops of gorgeous orange…(of course, I love cake in all its manifestations, but this color combo is quite delicious as well…)






‘Til Next Time…What fall wedding trends do you adore? If you have an autumnal color inspiration, I’d love to see it!

Kati Hime, Editor


OUR SISTER PUBS: Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine:


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