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Thanks to Abbydell Photography of Jackson for sharing this image with us — it inspired me to create a little inspiration piece on things to do to entertain the kiddos at a wedding!  Now, this piece is going to be a bit of an ongoing project, as I’d love to get some feedback from all of YOU and add it to this blog! Post here or on our Facebook page and share your ideas!

–Here is a great post on The Knot with a LOT of fun and creative ideas:

–The theme at many of the birthday parties my kiddos are attending lately is the BOUNCE HOUSE. There are many companies in Wyoming that rent bounce houses.  Check with your reception facility for size, insurance liability, etc., and see what the red tape might be — but what a better way to both burn off steam AND keep them out from underneath the tables and guests’ feet?!

–Balloon artists & face painters:  I’ve been to many Wyoming functions where they’ve hired a balloon artist and had face painting.  At our Laramie farmers’ markets, we’ve had groups doing face painting as either a fundraiser or a publicity opportunity.  Do you know a group looking to make some money?  Consider hiring them to do a little face painting for tips or a small fee — it’d be a great chance for them to get some exposure as well!

–I love the idea of hiring someone to entertain kiddos and create a “kids’ area” during the reception.  Need to make some speeches? Time to cut the cake? Coordinate with your kids’ entertainment and have story time conveniently start at that time — or a fun activity that will keep them entertained! One thing to keep in mind — starting an activity that generates great parental photo ops might not be the best idea. The parents will be torn on where to go and what to see! Also, if you want to entertain the kiddos during speeches, consider something that’s a quieter activity, or perhaps far away from the action. A fun activity that generates lots of noise may not be the most welcome distraction during speech time!

–No matter what you do, be sure to keep common childhood food and other allergies in mind.  Crafts that involve food items, or things like latex balloons for those with latex allergies, can be dangerous to some kiddos — as well as special snacks.  If you intend to have food items or other allergen-laden items made specifically for kiddos, consider putting a note in your invitation that notifies parents and asks them to share any concerns/special requests they may have. They’ll appreciate the heads up, and you’ll be relieved to not have a small crisis on your hands at the reception!  Nothing worse than being down an activity at the last minute because you weren’t aware that there was an allergy! Most parents of allergic kiddos will take the initiative to ask first, but sometimes there’s a breakdown in communication and it’s not discovered until the day of — think ahead to alleviate as many small problems as possible.

–What did we miss? We’d love to hear! Post here, on our Facebook page or Twitter handle (@wyoweddings), or email us at! We’d love to add your ideas and feedback to this blog post!

Til Next Time…Keep up the Inspiration!

Kati Hime, Editor


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