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Anyone that knows our family knows that we don’t really prescribe to functional fixedness — i.e., using one thing for one purpose and one purpose only.  As I’ve said before, I prescribe to Alton Brown’s theory that ‘The only multitasker is a fire extinguisher.’  Our kids have adopted this same idea — yesterday the metal wand for the triangle in the musical instrument box became a key to a magical room and a light saber…

So when it comes to convertible FASHION, I get all SORTS of excited!!! Convertible Miche bag purses, LOVE them, and when I heard of SHOE CLIPS, my heart skipped a beat.  We talk about some fun and funky shoe fashion around here, from trendy to flashy to kickin’ cowgirl boots and shoes with feathers…but shoe clips are tres chic because you can make any pair of shoes fab in an instant.  And when it comes to your wedding, wearing shoes that are comfortable (and perhaps not new!) is a great thing — dress them up with new shoe clips and voila! Brand new foot bling!


Here are a few examples that we found out there…but Etsy is FULL of fun shoe clip crafters and ideas too — more than we could possibly think about including in this blog post…








Absolutely Audrey, “Nadia”,

So adorable and delicate!


Special Occassions, Style# SC540,

Shoe bling-alicious!

Absolutely Audrey, “Sabrina”,

I have some shoes just like this, these bows are going on my wish list…

Absolutely Audrey, “Brooke”,

Okay, seriously, I am totally digging these peacock feathers…


So I hear the boot-wearing brides out there saying it:  “WHAT ABOUT BOOTS?!?!?!”  I say wear these with boots! The beauty of shoe clips is they can go anywhere — sure there are a lot pictures on the toe of the shoe, but why not clip them on the side of the boot?  Especially for those adorable bridesmaid combos of short dress and cowgirl boots — I think a little bit of bling or a big flower could be pretty darn cute!  If there are some pics of this floating out there, I’d love to see them and share them if we could!

Here’s a couple more, that I think would look smashing on the outside of a boot…

Absolutely Audrey, “Chloe” in white,

Absolutely Audrey, “Juliette”,


Obviously, Absolutely Audrey is a darling brand with absolutely TONS to offer!  And looking at their website gave me a great idea:  these make FABULOUS bridesmaid gifts!  They can wear them on their shoes/boots now and in the future, but also clip them to their bags, hats, scarves, you name it — talk about a versatile gift!  The prices are pretty darn reasonable too!

Remember, if you have a tip/idea/question you’d like to submit, we’d love to hear from you!  We’re always looking for inspiration for our blog and social media pages — post on our Facebook page or email to!  We’re also always looking for wedding and engagement spotlights as well!

‘Til Next Time…I’m forwarding this blog post to my husband with a note that says ‘Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas ideas…GO!”

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: After posting this, Crisa from Absolutely Audrey posted on this page and offered the following promotion — thanks so much Crisa! 🙂  “Kati thank you for featuring my Absolutely Audrey shoe clips in your article! We are also head over heels with shoe flowers, rhinestone buckles, sparkling shoe bows you name it. For all of your readers I am offering a 15% discount an all orders at Coupon Code: WYOSHOES15
Thanks again and happy shoe clipping!

Kati Hime, Editor



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