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INSPIRATION: So You Want to Propose in Jackson Hole…from Painted Buffalo Inn

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I read this blog post on the Painted Buffalo Inn blog — this is a beautiful inn from Jackson. I loved this story they posted on their blog — and asked to reshare… If you’re looking for an inspirational Jackson proposal, read through this story, but also check out the recommendations for beautiful Jackson proposal sites…

Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beauty of the majestic Tetons attracts couples from around the world. For some, they come to Jackson Hole to make a life altering decision and to proposition their significant other. This past weekend my life altered dramatically when my boyfriend of four years got down before me on one knee in front of tourists and locals alike.

It started out like any other weekend: “Let’s go for a hike off of the top of tram! I have been up there during the winter but I have yet to see it during the summer.” This past Saturday the weather was touch and go. It would go from clear skies and sunshine to looming clouds and rain in literally minutes.  Even though Sunday’s forecast  was clear and sunny my boyfriend insisted that we go up the tram – “We can get waffles!” he said. I had a sneaky suspicion that he might pop the question. We had been discussing it over the past few months and we determined that we were in a good stage of our life right now to take the next step. I told a girlfriend over breakfast that morning that I wouldn’t been surprised if he asked me at the top of the tram – it would be the perfect place. We met in New Hampshire at a ski resort (Attitash) and after about a year of dating I told Jared that I wanted to move out to Jackson Hole for the winter. The rest is history. Our relationship started on a mountain, a ski resort at that, it only made sense we should take the next step on a mountain.

As we rode up the Tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Jared played it cool. Little did I know at the time my hand had grazed across the ring box in his pocket while we rode up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain. Jared said he was hungry and wanted a waffle so we went into Corbet’s Cabin and ordered a brown sugar and butter waffle. He disappeared to use the restroom. After we got our waffle he told me that he wanted to get away from people and that we should walk down the hill a little bit to eat the waffle. Though I found it an odd request, I complied. As we headed down the mountain I spied two bouquets of flowers and a bottle of champagne as well as his backpack set next to a rock. As we neared the rock I said “I think that I know what’s going on here.” And then he proposed. It was surreal. His proposal was short and sweet and the next thing I knew I had a ring slipped on my finger and we heard shouting and applause. Some people got tipped off by the tram operator and were watching us from the tram dock. Others spied from above taking photos of the whole thing. Meanwhile, a girl from a hiking party ran up and asked if we wanted our photo taken. I was in a daze, did this really just happen? It was perfect, I couldn’t have imagined a better proposal! Girls, well control freak girls like me I should say, dream about how they get engaged. However, never once did I dream that I would get engaged at the summit of Jackson Hole. It was so, us. I have to say, it’s good to let your significant other plan your proposal, they may surprise you!

After a brief photo shoot we sat down on the rock and toasted to our new life together as fiances. We drank the champagne until our hands got too cold and we had to run for the tram. Once we arrived in the base area we went to Cascade to get a drink and call our loved ones and share the news.

I promise that this won’t turn into a sappy wedding blog, but the reason I am writing this post is because my fiance works at a hotel in Teton Village. There was a guest who wanted to propose to his girlfriend but didn’t know where to do it. He had told the front desk that he saw a photo on Jackson Hole’s Facebook page of a couple that had just got engaged at the top of the tram. The front desk had Jared come talk to the guy and give him some tips for his proposal. I figure people may have a location in mind when they come to Jackson or they may intend on scouting out some locations once they get here. Below are some suggestions on where you may propose to your prospective fiance:

Schwabacker’s Landing in Grand Teton National Park This location has beautiful views of the Tetons but it also incorporates a water element (the Snake River) which makes for stunning photos and scenery.

Moulton Barn in Grand Teton National Park – There are two iconic barns located just off of Antelope Flats Road. Buffalo  frequent the area and the historical barns are rustic and charming.

Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park – the lawn at the Jackson Lake Lodge overlooks (you guessed it) Jackson Lake and the Teton Range. Moose are seen often hanging out in the brush between the lodge and the water. Perk to this location – you don’t have to go far for a celebratory drink and you can even have your friends and/or family waiting in the bar for you to announce your engagement.

Top of the Tram – Don’t feel like you are a copy cat, I’m sure that Jared isn’t the first, nor the last to do it. And wow, it’s beautiful up there. Just make sure that you bring a jacket – it gets cold up there!

The Snake River Dike – If you park on the east side of the Snake River off of Highway 22 just before Moose-Wilson Road there is a beautiful walk along the dike of the snake river. The views are phenomenal and the walk may help you calm your nerves!

There are a plethora of other options that I don’t even begin to describe here – I went for the natural route. Either way, Jackson Hole is the perfect place to get engaged. Why wouldn’t you want to have a excuse to revisit the area? After Jared proposed he told me that he couldn’t wait to bring our children back to this spot where he got down on one knee. It was the sweetest thing ever and I can’t wait to come back to Jackson (if we ever leave) and do just that.

Thank you to the Painted Buffalo Inn for allowing us to share this sweet story! Congrats to these lovebirds — and please send us your Wyoming proposal/engagement/wedding stories! We’d love to share with our readers!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


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