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Have you seen bhp imaging’s work yet? If you haven’t, be sure to check them out — photographer Brian Harrington is a true artist.  Here’s Brian’s story — and be sure to check out the selection from his work below, visit his website & Facebook page…as well as his video on our website!

So to start at the beginning of Brian’s camera wielding journey…
He was one of those art kids in high school… the type that took every art class they could. “I was never much of an artist when it came the technical’s of drawing, painting, sculpting, etc… but my mind always worked that way,” Brian says. “There was an obvious block somewhere within me that was stopping these ideas from coming to fruition. I would go out and explore in the broken and abandoned buildings, like most photographers do when they start snapping away, in my free time. There was a lot of the artistic process involved in the image making at that point subconsciously… but nothing concrete or intentional.”

When his high school art teacher recommended Brian submit a few images to the Wyoming High School Art Symposium, Brian did well, winning a few ribbons. The next year, he won blue ribbons on almost every image submitted as well as one of six awarded scholarships in Wyoming. “I was hooked,” Brian says.

Fast forward to college…  Brian began with a career of photojournalism in mind.  “Something about the honesty of the moments you seek as a photojournalist intrigued me,” Brian says. “I think a lot of the love of moments is still prevalent in my images.”  Brian did well in school and won a few impressive awards, such as the June 2009 Student of the Month for the Student Photographic Society, a national subcategory of the Professional Photographers of America. He was also presented the Photography Student of the Year Award from his college. After an additional year of business school, Brian launched into work as a professional photographer.

“I spent a summer sitting on a raft in Jackson, Wyoming.  I left that experience with a passion to do nothing but smile and enjoy life (far from the stress of Wedding Photography),” Brian says. “Everything, in my opinion, that is worth knowing in life can be learned from a river. I like to think the wind that constantly beat me in the face floating down that river, and tangled my fly-line that summer, also blew me to Laramie…”

Brian fell in love with Laramie as soon as he pulled into town. “I had no idea this is where I would be starting the business that had been slowing forming in the back of my head, bhpimaging…. brian harrington photographic imaging,” Brian says.  “{The name is} simply because I think of the images as more than simple photographs… they are moments brushed with artistic expression and passion.”  Brian officially started his business July 1st, 2011, but has been shooting as a professional since 2009. On November 28th 2011, Brian became one of five Certified Professional Photographers in Wyoming.



















For Brian, inspiration is found in a million different places. “I love looking at other photographers work,” Brian says. “To name a few… Richard Avedon’s stark portraits of normal people make me want to create more storytelling images in a simple and understandable way. Julius Shulman has the most beautiful eye for capturing graphic shapes with the surrounding environment…”  He adds, “I see graphically, so this work speaks volumes. Color work from the greats like Bobbi Lane and Jay Maisel also speak to me.”  Brian is also inspired by music and other art.
“I like to approach a wedding with all the aspects of my background present,” Brian says. “I am constantly watching for beautiful moments while also taking time to pose and light the perfect shots. It is not enough to just have beautiful moments or beautiful light and posing… sometimes as professionals we have to be able to deliver both.”





















Brian not only enjoys creating artistic images, he enjoys getting to know his clients.  “I love meeting new couples,” Brian says. “They are always so obviously in love when I get to meet them that it is beautiful. They are so happy to be alive and be together. I like to work with their ideas and desires as well as my own background to come up with the perfect images and albums for their wedding story.”

For Brian, being a professional photographer is a dream come true.  “It is a beautiful life I live,” he says.






















Be sure to visit his website to see more of his work (and his Facebook page), and visit ours too while you’re at it — we have a video of Brian’s collection online that you can see anytime!  Contact Brian at 307.272.9903 — or email him at


















Keep working toward that beautiful dream…Created in Wyoming!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


Our Sister Publications:  Wyovore — Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine — WYO XY —

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