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INSPIRATION: Winter Engagement Sessions


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Thanks to Abbydell Photography in Jackson for providing some awesome feedback regarding winter engagement sessions! This is something that is so real to Wyoming…you’re newly engaged…you’re excited to get planning and moving for that summer wedding, and engagement photos are very much a part of that! However, how to make that outdoor engagement photo session that you’ve dreamed of a reality in Wyoming’s winter climate…a few ideas and some inspiration pics from Abbydell…thanks Abby!

As a photographer or bride, it’s always a little daunting to go out in the “patchy phases of winter” as I like to call them — when half the ground is a mucky dead mess and the other half is beautiful white snow. Finding the perfect locations and lighting in a time like that is critical! You don’t want everyone to notice the patchwork instead of your beautiful faces. Well as you can guess, this was definitely one of those days. I must admit that I think all my handiwork payed off, but then again how could it not with such great subjects! Speaking of the couple, they were great! Ben (from the UK) and Jordyn (Canadian) have quite the love story. Wishing them all the best in there many travels as they prepare for wedding celebrations across the globe!

Thanks Abby! So here were some of my ‘take home lessons’ from reading Abby’s excerpt and seeing these images…

DO: Utilize the adorable winter gear that is out there…parkas, scarves, fur (real or synthetic, doesn’t matter), boots…






































DO: Play with COLOR! If your backdrop is Wyoming’s white snow and the browns, greens, greys, etc. of rocks, prairie grass, hillsides, trees — why not bring in pops of color in your clothing? Warm hues like pinks, reds, oranges…pair them in small doses with neutrals such as gray, brown, black, and give your images a pop of color and warmth!




















DO: Utilize the natural elements around you! I mentioned trees, rocks, prairie grass, fences, hillsides…how can those become natural props for your images? Work creatively with your photographer!




















DON’T: Be afraid to include patchy areas, as Abby says. Make the star of the show the two of you, and not the patchy ground. Work with your photographer and be creative — there are many ways to work with our Wyoming winter landscape!





























DO: Incorporate your emotion and romance into the day. Be less concerned with the natural environment and more focused on remembering who you love and why you’re getting married — that natural happiness will come shining through in your images and create a session that you’re truly in love with!























‘Til Next Time…We’re excited to keep you inspired! Thanks again to Abbydell Photography in Jackson for an awesome inspirational blog!

Kati Hime, Editor


OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS — Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine Wyovore — WYO XY —

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