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WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Chris & Lou’s Teton Wedding


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Thanks to Heather Erson Photography in Jackson for sending in this beautiful spotlight! Chris & Lou have composed a beautiful piece that represents their love for each other and why they chose the Tetons…I was struggling with how to include snippets of it without losing its integrity, but I finally decided that’s just not possible. So here it is, in its entirety — and it’s a lovely piece that represents their devotion to each other…

Never, in a thousand years, could I ever begin to describe, how it feels to be loved by you. Our life, filled with millions of tiny moments…each little increment of time, which holds fistfuls of devotion and adoration for each other. Our love is fluid. It constantly encircles one another, ever evolving as it moves along the continuum of time. The uniqueness of our connection, unsurpassed by any other, swept cobwebs from the furthest corners of the human heart, and allowed each other to settle comfortably inside. This is, after all, how we began, you and I…intently discovering one another from the inside out.

From outside of the antique display case in the living room, passers by may catch a glimpse of our collection of treasures. A worn leather journal, a jagged rock, a dusted sprig of wheat, an ill placed petrified branch, a rusted tin, or a muted rainbow of broken glass. Each seemingly insignificant item is tagged to a memory and ready to whisper our story. Our passion for nature and our quest to understand its confusion have brought us to awe inspiring places and countless beautiful discoveries. The National Parks, and our hypnosis with them, have lured us countless times from our home in upstate New York. How fortunate we feel, to have wiped our feet all over the west. It was only fitting that we unfolded the map yet again, which would ultimately lead us to our elopement location. This time, Wyoming welcomed us, and the trail’s end was Schwabacher’s Landing. It was here, on the evening of July 3rd, 2012, before the grand backdrop of the Tetons, where we would profess our love and solidify our vows. Little was needed to accompany the elegance of our surroundings….just this man and this woman so deep in their love. The Wyoming breeze brought music from the trees for our procession and a simple bouquet and boutonniere of dried flowers and hand-picked wheat complimented our attire. We listened intently to Pastor Ben Pascal and absorbed the readings we spoke to one another. Then, with hand and hearts fused, we professed that from this day forward, it will be you who holds my promise, it will be you who knows my truth.

The copper bands, which now adorn our left hands, symbolize our eternal love. They are inscribed with the latitude and longitude of our special location, the Ibex Dunes, in the middle of Death Valley National Park. The Ibex Dunes, where each and every miniscule grain of sand has been picked up, carried by the wind and effortlessly dropped at the base of the mountains to create such a wonder. It was here, where we hiked in the most remote place imaginable, a place where few footprints have passed, where sound seemed not to exist. We drank in the sunset, we soaked up the silence and we rejoiced in sharing such beauty with one another. It is a place we will return to one day, hopefully many years from now, as we have named it our final resting destination.

Our photo shoot following the ceremony was remarkable with our photographer Heather Erson and her sensational eye for capturing our unprovoked, quiet moments together. She brought the surrounding area of Schwabacker’s Landing alive through her camera lens and with utmost ease, captured our playful interactions as if she’d known us all of our lives. In alignment with our personalities, we explored the park in our adventurous manner and humorous flair for the first time as husband and wife. We roamed with bison, we investigated the Moulton Barns, and we clung to the last bit of light as it dipped behind the Tetons as seen from Kelly Warm Springs. It was a ‘reception’ like none other. One born from the uniqueness of who we represent as a couple, one in which senses and souls unite and the rest of the world is forgotten for a little while. Our elopement day in Jackson, Wyoming has now evolved into a memory that shall forever be etched in our minds and engraved on our hearts.

Until our map unfolds again,

Mr. and Mrs. Lou and Chris Fisher from Johnsburg, New York.

Thank you again to Heather Erson Photography in Jackson, Wyoming for sharing this beautiful Teton wedding story with us…many congratulations and blessings to Chris & Lou as they journey into a new chapter of their lives together…


OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine Wyovore WYO XY The Wyoming Woman

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